Salon64: The Interview


We’re not kidding when we say that London-based salon SALON64 offers the best blowdries in the world (this is definitely not debatable). Having opened in eclectic Soho last year, this salon is the perfect pampering studio meets coffee bar (we highly recommend the ‘Phat White’), mirroring a true beauty retreat for its visitors. With incredible service, a great ambiance & the ultimate hair treatments, SALON64 is quite literally our safe haven.

Having been established by the vibrant entrepreneur Ricky Walters (a prominent stylist & owner and creative director of this incredible concept), this social beauty hub is redefining the meaning of a salon. With so much love for SALON64 (we’re quite literally obsessed), we sat down with Ricky to discuss his journey, seasonal ‘must-haves’ & insider tips.




Photo: Courtesy of SALON64


The Salon64 Journey


Ricky: SALON64 was created to fill a massive gap in the market place. London ladies have nowhere to get themselves ready for the evening ahead of them. Found clutching on to inadequate compact mirrors, getting changed in disabled bathrooms and preparing in the office al’desko, I have watched my clients struggle for some time and knew we needed to create a multifunctional space that offers so much more than a traditional salon space.
The journey so far has been sensational and so well received. Quickly gaining a reputation within the industry for looking at things differently with innovation at the heart of everything we do, I am delighted at the response from the public.


The Art of Getting Dressed


Ricky: Although hairstyles have changed throughout the ages to keep up with the latest in fashion, hair salons have remained the same for years!
 Although a creative industry, no-one had yet questioned the purpose of what a salon offers. 
My clients would ask me the same questions 

-Do you have a phone charger?

-Can I stay and use your mirror to do my makeup?

-Could I bring with me a friend for a catch up?

The trendsetters of Soho love a great cup of coffee along with a cheeky glass of champagne, so combining incredible bespoke coffee, a place to get changed, and a champagne bar was a no brainer.


The Future of SALON64


Ricky: Although we have only been around a very short amount of time, I have already seen others in the industry look to us for inspiration and even a salon in Rome has mimicked our design (well tried to). You cannot innovate once and use that as a foundation for the entire business. SALON64 will continue to disrupt the hair and beauty industry in ways never seen before. Looking at products, training, and other branches there is plenty for SALON64 to be growing into in the upcoming year.



Photo: Courtesy of SALON64


A Usual Day in Ricky’s Life


Ricky: Not as glam as you may think! Owning your own business means you never really stop working or switch off. Which for me is perfect as I have plenty of energy to burn.
In year one of business you must be round the clock to push that business forward to extremes, like we have done. First one in, last one out!
When I do occasionally try and relaxm a MUST is the Akasha spa within the cafe royal hotel! Another of my fave hot spots is the Ned hotel within the city. Both places ooze inspiration within customer service; something I feel we can all learn from.


Ricky’s AW19 Essentials


 Ricky: Seeing a huge trend for baggy, oversized and undone versions of a classic; like an oversized trench coat. I see this trend following through into the hair world with undone versions of classic styles such as traditional hair ups with a rock n roll edge.


The Insider Tip to Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Ricky: Millennials are all tarnished with the same bad write-ups and reviews; often as needing constant praise without putting in the graft. Being a Millennial myself, I don’t feel this is true and want to paint a more pretty picture of the young entrepreneur.
Determination is key for any young entrepreneur. The drive to continue and be relentless until finding the results you set out to achieve.



Photo: Courtesy of SALON64



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