Bringing you the latest news, interviews, playlists and featuring the best in emerging music blogs, SoundandNoize is the place to find new music that you should be talking about and discovering. The founder of this entertainment business, Taylor Rozenblat, talks to us about the concept behind it, her confident journey into the blog as well as some upcoming events she will be hosting soon (internationally as well).

Where interiors and homes meet the entertainment world, the young and motivated music guru also gives us a peak into her new venture into the real estate; a family business she is willing to take on alongside many other projects.





Taylor: My name is Taylor Rozenblat. I’m 22 years old and I live in Montreal – I’m nomadic in between Miami & NYC. I’m currently a Residential Real Estate Broker at Rozenblat Realty Group and my side hustle is the entertainment business: SoundandNoize, which I founded in 2016.

I started this online publication because I wanted creative freedom when expressing my passion for music and art. I also wanted to create a platform where I could share my personal lifestyle while incorporating my connection to the music world as well.

Growing up, my siblings and I were always listening to house music, and so did my parents when it came to Buddha-Bar themed lounging. When I was 13, I’d always host house parties where my friends and I would exhaust ourselves dancing to Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki and so many other legendary artists. By the time I was in high school, I was known as the ‘the girl with good music at house parties’.

Music has always been part of my journey; I wake up to music and go to sleep with music! To me, every genre has its own gold not just house. From Rap, R&B, Latino, Reggae to even Arabic – I’m open minded!




 Taylor: When I was 17, I started a fan page for Steve Angello on Instagram. I never had any intentions when starting it, I just thought his music was cool and his style was great. However, his record label later on contacted me, thanking me for promoting him through social media and picked me as one of their 10-selected fan accounts to fly out to New York for a festival he was performing at called SIZE. I was absolutely speechless as I never expected anything like this. I was just a 17-year-old girl who had no deeper knowledge about the music industry. However, after that short trip, I got inspired! I later on decided to intern for Canada Nightlife where I interviewed Grammy-nominated artists and covered major events all around Montreal and that’s when it hit me… I definitely wanted to create my own blog, where I control the content being posted and share my own taste of music. That’s when I opened SoundandNoize!




 Taylor: Each playlist is linked to a theme or a festival currently happening in the industry. For example, we have the ‘Mykonos’ and ‘Scorpios’ playlists. I chose those specific names because Greece is the hot-spot during summer vacations, and Scorpios is where all my favourite DJs perform. I have 20+ playlists in collaboration with so many talented DJs like Sabo, Lana Scolaro, The Kazbah from Burning Man, Carlo Lio and many more.




 Taylor: Tulum, Scorpios, Cazar and Mykonos are my top favorites. Honestly, all of them are really special to me.




 Taylor: All my connections are internationally based. Each month, SoundandNoize has a residency at CAZAR, at Soubois, a Montreal-based nightclub/restaurant. It’s a very cool concept! CAZAR is an underground forest-themed night event hosted every Thursday by Soubois in Montreal, with over the top decorations including dreamcatchers with a bohemian touch. We have also collaborated with SPINCO a spinning class and REPORT FITNESS. For people who aren’t always able to attend my night events, I still want them to feel connected to my music, so I compromise and create more of a ‘healthier’ approach by substituting ‘partying’ with fitness while still pumping up to house music. My next event is in NYC at the Edition Hotel in collaboration with ONETRIBE – for Halloween weekend and in December, I’ll be hosting my first event in Wynwood for ART BASEL, which I’m very excited about.

The events I host are typically intimate. 100-400 people attend these events making it more exclusive and the theme is always Oriental to Afro-House.



Photo: Courtesy of Taylor Rozenblat




 Taylor: Edgy, trendy & wild.




 Taylor: I’ve always had a passion for interior design and architecture. Growing up, I’d always love designing my own room and I’d be mesmerised when seeing buildings being developed. I’m a people’s person and I get along with pretty much everyone and I adapt fast. This is an industry where you’re constantly on-the-go & interacting with clients. My family also has their own agency, so I thought it would be fun to work all together and build our family brand.


Taylor Rozenblat

Photo: Courtesy of Taylor Rozenblat




 Taylor: I eventually want to combine both. I’d love to sell high-end luxury real estate to celebrities in Miami or wherever this business brings me. I’d love to be in the hospitality industry as well… My personality doesn’t fit just one job. I’m always going to have different projects happening – that’s how you keep your life exciting!



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