Susana Martins

Welcome to Susana Martins Jewellery, a realm of passion and craftsmanship. From a traditional goldsmithing town in Portugal to Dubai, Susana’s journey is defined by a deep fascination for jewelry’s history. Trained in stone-setting and goldsmithing, she holds a post-graduate diploma in Jewelry Design and qualifications as a gemologist. Inspired by the timeless elegance of the Art Deco era, Susana’s creations seamlessly blend architecture with groundbreaking techniques. Notably, her unique incorporation of the human form transforms each piece into a wearable expression of emotion and memory. Join us in exploring Susana Martins Jewellery—a fusion of historical inspiration and contemporary elegance, crafted with precision and creativity.

Q: Gold or silver jewelry for everyday wear?

A: Definitely gold! It adds a touch of refinement and warmth to any outfit.

Q: Your go-to gemstone for creating show-stopping pieces?

A: Without a doubt, it has to be emeralds. Its rich green color never fails to charm.

Q: A design tool or material you can’t live without?

A: My trusty sketchbook. It’s the starting point for all my creative moments and never leaves my side.

Q: Statement necklaces or delicate pendants?

A: Why not have the best of both worlds? I love layering delicate pendants with a bold necklace.

Q: The most memorable jewelry piece you ever owned or created?

A:  It has to be a stunning coin bracelet passed down through 3 generations in my family. Its sentimental value makes it irreplaceable.

Q: Morning or night: When do you have your design breakthroughs?

A: Definitely at night. Something magical about the silence and stillness allows my creativity to soar.

Q: A historical period that profoundly influences your designs?

A: The glamour of the Art Deco era never ceases to inspire me. Its geometric shapes and intricate craftsmanship are a constant source of inspiration.

Q: Diamonds or pearls: Which holds a special place in your heart?

A: As much as I adore diamonds, pearls hold a special place in my heart. Their timeless elegance and gentle luster always leave a lasting impression on me.

Q: Favorite part of the jewelry-making process?

A: The conceptualization stage and the moment when the design comes to life into a tangible piece of art. It’s exciting!

Q: If your jewelry could tell a story, what would it be?

A: It would tell a tale of empowerment. Each piece would symbolize strength, confidence, and the courage to shine brightly in every aspect of life.

Q: Cocktail ring or stackable rings?

A: While I appreciate the boldness of a cocktail ring, stackable rings have my heart. They allow for endless creativity and the ability to mix and match to your heart’s desire. I stack cocktail rings, too.

Q: One word to describe your personal style.

A: Effortless.

Q: The best place to draw design inspiration from – nature or architecture?

A: Architecture, hands down. The shapes,  patterns, and volumes never fail to inspire.

Q: Coffee, tea, or something else in your studio while working?

A: Coffee is my go-to beverage in the studio. It keeps me focused.

Q: Top tip for selecting the perfect piece of jewelry to complete an outfit?

A: Choose a piece that complements your outfit, the “cherry on top.” Lately, I’m up to a bold pair of gold earrings styled with a messy-bun hairdo. It is such a cool look.

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