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There’s nothing that makes us happier than discovering platforms which inspire, encourage & empower fellow women. Our latest online obsession, Glam Observer does just that. Established by then Italian engineering student Giada Graziano, Glam Observer began as Giada’s quest to find a website that brought together all the essential fashion tips, news & knowledge for aspirants. Today this global community not only brings together the best of sartorial insights, but also offers a one-on-one training program to counsel future fashionistas into building their career.

Completely intrigued by Giada’s journey, this incredible website & the empowerment-driven ethos, we sat down with the style connoisseur to discuss her journey, the impact of social media & all things fashion.



Glam Observer

Photo: Courtesy of Glam Observer


The Glam Observer Journey


Giada: I originally started Glam Observer just as a hobby and a personal blog in 2012, where at that time I shared some posts about fashion and beauty. Over the time I became more and more interested in the business side of fashion, so I started doing some research and sharing some articles regarding this subject. At that time I was at the end of my management engineering degree, but I realized I wanted to work in fashion. The problem was I had no idea of where to start or what the different career paths were, so I looked online for help, but unfortunately I found very little about it. To understand and know more about this fascinating industry, I decided to follow some online courses from important fashion schools such as Parsons and FIT.  At that moment I was finishing my dissertation for school, and since I was living in the south of Italy where there are no fashion schools this was my only option.

When I finally graduated, I moved to Milan to attend a Master in Luxury and Fashion Management and then started my first internship in fashion. I was still blogging during weekends and late nights sharing posts about fashion, beauty and careers. That summer I realised I needed to rebrand Glam Observer to a place where girls can find all the information about fashion and how to get a career in the industry. That was the moment the current Glam Observer was born!

A month later I quit my job and focused full-time on Glam Observer, and put all of my energy into building a platform that inspires and informs girls who want to pursue a career in fashion, beauty or blogging.

Today I am still commintted full-time to Glam Observer, I had to make some sacrifices, but I believe in this project and I know that this is something that can grow so big and make a real difference in the lifes of young girls.


How Fashion Started It All


Giada: I have always been interested in fashion, but it was only in my last year of University that I knew I wanted to work in this industry. Although I love clothes and fashion, I was actually more into beauty when I just started Glam Observer. I used to buy tons of products and watched makeup tutorials and I eventually became quite good at doing my own makeup. But after a while the business side of fashion really got me interested and I became fascinated by women who start their own business in this industry.

This got me thinking and one moment I just realised I could also start my own company, and what better way to start then turning my hobby into my job? I knew Glam Observer had a lot of potential so I just went for it. Today I couldn’t be happier to have made this choice.


Glam Observer

Photo: Courtesy of Glam Observer


The Impact of Social Media


Giada: We don’t share outfits or beauty products on the GO page, so I’m always challenging myself to figure out the best way to share content which is informative but engaging at the same time. I think Instagram is great to let people discover your brand and I actually use Instagram a lot to find new people to work with. We interview fashion professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers and I use Instagram and LinkedIn to find all these amazing and interesting people.

I think LinkedIn works very well for a website like Glam Observer as we talk about career, but I love the creativeness of Instagram so I use this channel a lot as well.


5 Yeas From Now


Giada: My professional goal is to grow Glam Observer on a large scale and personally I want to have a family, so combining both will be a great and fun challenge. I want a big creative and fun office, with dogs and possibly some pink furniture;). But most importantly, I want to surround myself with an awesome team who all believe in mu project and want to help me empower girls all over the world! I have lots of projects in mind, and I work hard every day to make them happen.


Glam Observer

Photo: Courtesy of Glam Observer


Insider Tip to Fashion Aspirants


Giada: The fashion industry is competitive and hard, but if you want something really bad and you work hard for it, I believe there is a dream job waiting for girls. Nowadays there are so many people who want to work in the industry so you really have to be passionate about it.

I think internships are the best way to start in fashion, they are also a great way to understand what will be your career path and this will be the start of creating a network for yourself. Networking and making connections in fashion are a must; it might be your ticket to a new job or a new career opportunity. I would recommend to network both online and offline, LinkedIn is great and has worked really well for me.  I think it’s a misconception to only look at the big fashion empires, there are so many exciting startups where you can learn so much more. Lastly, make sure to have a great CV and LinkedIn profile, and if you want to get a job such as a designer or stylist, create a website or Instagram channel and use it as your portfolio.

Of course we also have our Memberships available at Glam Observer to help girls with a customized approach to start their career in fashion!


Glam Observer

Photo: Courtesy of Glam Observer



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