The Luna Squad: The Interview


As purveyors of art and culture, it’s always exciting for us to see new and innovative concepts come to life. Such was also the case with the upcoming tv show, The Luna Squad. Produced by one of our favourite production companies, Cinalight (they’re known as the pioneers of bringing to the forefront visionary content), the soon-to-release The Luna Squad is fun, exciting and most importantly, entertaining. Prior to its release, we sat down with Leon of Cinalight to better understand what to expect.



The Inspiration Behind The Luna Squad


Leon: It was a combination of wanting to create something magical and develop a storyline where the characters can grow with the audience. I was always fascinated with the idea of time travel and think every kid at some stage wanted to go on this type of adventure. I looked back at my childhood and thought about all of the films I loved, The Goonies, Back to the Future for example, I wanted to try and create something that excited the viewers like these movies did for me.


The Process of Choosing The Actors


Leon: Tens of thousands of people applied and we short listed it down to 5000, then we kept short listing until we had a few hundred. At this point we did a casting day where the cast were chosen. It took months to complete this process due to the amount of applications and we wanted to make sure we looked at every single one.  By doing this we selected the perfect blend of characters for the roles, they are incredibly talented as individuals but also as a collective and a cast, they compliment each other.


The Impact of Digitisation


Leon: It gives people a much wider choice of content  and access through multiple platforms and devises. Ultimately it gives people the power to watch what they want when they want. For content creators, it’s giving them a global platform to gain exposure. Overall I think it’s a great development in the world of content.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Producers


Leon:  It will never be exactly what you wanted it to be, all the challenges you thought would happen may not, it’s the hidden ones that catch you out. Production and storytelling is incredibly difficult, so be sure you have the best infrastructure possible for whatever you are creating. The right team and people are key and should be the driving force to get you over the line. Accept film making is a long life journey and enjoy the process, enjoy stories, telling them and creating them.  The biggest tip I would give is focus on the story, the characters and how that engages and interacts with the audience, think about how the story unfolds through the characters and how the side stories effect the outcomes. Everything else is process that you can find a way to get the job done. But what the audience feels is key, think emotions!


The Future of The Luna Squad


Leon: Well, we like to shoot for the stars. So if it’s a success we would of course love to produce Season 2 and 3 and see how far we can take this. It’s a wonderful concept and we feel the audience will find a place for it, they will fall in love with at least one of the characters. The cast are also a pop group and will be involved in the soundtrack, so that every exciting too.



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