The Rise of Quick Thicks by Stevie Holland


It comes as no surprise to our avid readers that whenever we’re in London, we find the ultimate salon destination in the form of Soho gem, Salon64. From the World’s best blow-dry (quite literally) to expert treatments and the most friendliest of teams, there’s really nothing that Salon64 can do wrong. Thus, we were super excited to discover Salon64’s very own Stevie Holland’s latest technique, Quick Thicks. Dedicated to helping clients who are looking for a fuller and more luxurious mane, Stevie has found a way to place extensions in a way that is naturally effortless.  Intrigued by her new technique, we sat down with Stevie to discuss all things hair and more.




Photo: Courtesy of Salon64


The Quick Thicks Journey


Stevie: Having spent years perfecting my extension work across London’s most exclusive salons I soon found my own individual style and method which in no time proved a hit with my fast expanding client base and word spread of this new approach.
Where extensions have always been added for length and incredible looks were being created I found my clients wanted a more natural alternative, a more polished version of themselves and FAST!
Quick Thicks is a technique giving clients fuller, thicker more polished hair. Adding in extensions in supper small sections and only using or cutting hair to be the same or similar length to your own natural hair means clients can walk away with double the amount of hair and NOBODY will ever realise!!!
My clientele demand incredible results instantly and combined with my own expertise Quick Thicks was created.


Stevie’s Day at Salon64

Stevie: My days at Salon64 vary which is what I love about it!
From spending the majority of my time booked up with cuts and extensions on the  salon floor to my diverse client base of both the creative and corporate industries, I am constantly striving for perfection in every head of hair I meet.

Being in the heart of Soho allows me to lean upon my location for inspiration and be at the forefront of the ever changing fashion industry. The flexibility within my job allows me to not only showcase my extension work within SALON64 but style hair for weddings, magazines and has seen me styling in the hotel rooms of some very interesting clients indeed!


Maintaining Extensions

Stevie: Extensions will not cause damage to healthy hair when applied correctly and well maintained. I believe every head of hair is different and therefore each case needs to be treated as individual. Taking my time and discussing my clients needs over a long consultation has helped me gain a reputation in Soho as achieving low maintenance damage-free results.
A removal gel is applied allowing the extensions to slide down your own hair with no damage caused. And doesn’t take too much time at all. Easy!


Styling Extensions


Stevie: They can be treated in just the same way as your own hair: straightened, curled, coloured or even left natural. I place extensions to make your life as a client easier and help you achieve the best look everyday.


The Future of Hair Care


Stevie: I tend to work in a very natural way. Using fewer bonds and not extending the length too far. I work in a way that just enhances your own hair by making you look a more polished version of yourself.
Top trends to look out for this summer without a doubt blending the tape extension  technique with high-fashion, vibrant hair colours.  Something that has never been seen before and I will be launching within Salon64 as well as big balayage tapes give extensions that beach vibe in the most natural finish. Tapes are essentially big stickers and last for 6-8 weeks! I only ever use the supplier Great Lengths as I know and trust their brand and quality.



Photo: Courtesy of Salon64



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