The Top 3 Pilates Classes in Dubai


If you’re in Dubai & much like us you’re a health freak (or at least try to be), then you must also constantly be on the look out for the perfect workout class or gym to join. As avid visitors of the coolest new wellness concepts, we’ve had our fair share of trial & testing experiences. Particularly, as individuals obsessed with pilates, we’ve found that we’ve experienced it all & can safely recommend the best classes in Dubai. Fancy some pilates? Here are top 3 classes in Dubai.



1) Mojo Pilates


Mojo Pilates

Photo: Courtesy of MyFashDiary


Mojo Pilates

703 Concord Tower – Al Bourooj St

+971 4 360 3399



2) A Tone Fitness Lounge


A Tone Fitness

Photo: Courtesy of The Stylista Diaries


A Tone Fitness Lounge

702 Prime Tower Dubai

+971 4 338 8908



3) Pilates Academy


Pilates Academy

Photo: Courtesy of Pilates Academy


Pilates Academy Dubai

 Cluster X, Jumeirah Bay X2,

+971 56 798 4655