Tips for Living A More Holistic Lifestyle


We are constantly surrounded by a deluge of information, continuously connected and on-the-go. Thus, sometimes it becomes very important for us to take out some time for ourselves to enjoy every moment and take a breather. As a result, we’ve put together our tops tips for living a more holistic lifestyle. Easy and simple, you can definitely implement 1-2 of these daily.



Treat Yourself to Some ‘Me-Time’


Whether that’s reading, meditating, focusing on your breathing for 5 – 10 mins, having a relaxing bath, going for a walk on your lunch break, exercising, doing something creative or waking up and writing down 3 things you’re grateful for. With burnout on the rise due to the stresses of modern life, ‘me time’ is vital. Benefits include better work-life balance, reduced stress levels, greater wellbeing, improved relationships, time for self discovery and deeper thinking.


Give a Compliment


Let’s face it, there’s nothing nicer than someone saying ‘gosh your skin looks good’, or ‘I love the top you’re wearing.’ It might give someone that much need boost, particularly if they’ve had a rubbish day. It creates a great positive atmosphere and can help people perform better. Being kind will leave you with a feel good factor and what goes around comes around! 


Buy Some House Plants


Plants improve indoor air quality and help increase oxygen levels which your body will appreciate. You can place these plants in your bedroom to refresh the air during the night. Seeing greenery and nature will also help you feel more relaxed and calm which in turn will enhance your mood.




For me this is one of the best feelings in the world where you can make such amazing connections and it bring people together. If it’s just a giggle or one where you belly aches, studies have shown that it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormone levels, work your abs, releases endorphins and produces a general sense of well being.


The Power of Now!


See if you can be fully present in a couple of things you usually do every day. Whether that’s your commute, doing your ironing or taking your dog for a walk. Stress and anxiety are formed when we are either focusing on the past or future so being fully present is powerful tool to help you find a place of just being. Alternatively, if you want to find out more, read the book The Power or Now by Eckhart Tolle, it’s really helped me on my personal journey to find spiritual enlightenment.


Never Stop Learning!


From challenging yourself at work to learning a new skill or language, this will help cognitive brain function, prevent boredom, help you grow as a person and improve yourself for the better. 


Limiting Social Media


As we know long periods of time on social media can have a detrimental effect on our mental health. Download the app Offtime to limit yourself to only an hour a day. This will help prevent the mindless scrolling and encourages you to utilise your time wisely whilst on it. On holiday I like to delete the apps for a couple of days to get a complete break. 


Make sure you prioritise YOU


Whether that’s booking in your gym classes for the week or booking in a manicure or massage, this will then make them non negotiable, not allowing them to be the first thing to fall off your to do list when it all gets too much.


Giving Back


Always make sure you’re giving something back. Whether that’s giving to charity, volunteering or helping someone with their career (i.e. being their mentor). Studies have shown this can help you develop and grow as a person, develop new skills, increases self esteem and gain a new perspective. In the words of Gandhi: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”