Top Tips To Keep Sane During Lockdown


For most of us isolation has been a hard thing to get to grips with. Accustomed to having our own freedom and being able to travel as and when we want, this period from all to nothing can be a complete shock. Humans have adapted over thousands of years to evolve into who we are today so we are good at this and we will get through this. We just need to stick together and look out for each other. As I reflect more and more on the current situation I feel positive change will prevail for us as people, as a nation, as a race and our planet.

These are a few things that I love and use to keep me sane during lockdown. 





Wake up time same time every day – don’t put pressure on yourself to get up super early, enjoy this time to maybe get up a little later than normal. This will help you differentiate between the weekends and weekdays and gives a bit of structure to your day.


Grounded & Gratitude


Makes sure you have 30 minutes to yourself before switching on your phone looking at emails etc. Take this precious time in the morning to just take things slow and be present. Take 10 deep breaths with your feet on the floor or try a short guided grounding meditation (calm app and headspace are great). Think of three things your grateful for and 2/3 things you want to achieve in the day not matter how big or small. This helps start your day in a positive way.


Efficient Working


Make sure you stick to your 9-5 routine and not check your emails after dinner. Be strict with yourself. Take regularly breaks and put your phone out of sight to work efficiently without distractions. Set boundaries for yourself and don’t have tv on in the background. Remember not every day is going to be good. Some days are going to be super constructive and get lots done…others are going to be unproductive and that’s ok.


Movement Is My Medicine


Good to lift your mood, boost energy levels and help you get out of that rut. We all lose motivation at times and going outside for a walk, run or cycle (if you can) or otherwise roll out your yoga mat, do a HIIT workout, whatever it is you enjoy just get your body moving and I promise it will help your mind too.


Get Away From Screens


I love partaking in 48 hour challenge over weekends to switch off if you find that you are getting too connected virtually and not present with others around you.


Get Creative


Use this time to learn a new skill that you might not have had time for in the past. Never stop learning and this is great to keep you engaged and inspired. Cooking, learning a language, drawing whatever it is – get creative!


Acts of Kindness


Call someone who is in need. Social isolation can take its toll on our mental health so ring a friend every day or check in on someone who’s alone. If you’re well enough maybe offer to help someone do their shopping.