Troy Alexandros: The Interview


Anyone who follows The Amanqi Edit knows that we’re absolutely obsessed with Salon64 (Honestly, does it ever get any better than this?) in London. Thus, we were more than ecstatic to have the opportunity to sit down with Salon64’s leading colour expert, Troy Alexandros. With irreplaceable talent, Troy is a specialist in finding the perfect colour to suit your face, particularly when it comes to darker coloured hair. Easily lifting dark brunettes into lighter shades, Troy is a pro at getting the best results in a minimum number of sessions. Taking the industry by storm at the mere age of 22 years old, we sat down with Troy to discuss his journey, the art of hair colouring and his insider tips.




Photo: Courtesy of Salon64

Troy’s Journey


Troy: Having always said I will ‘NEVER’ be a hairdresser and ironically growing up in a salon environment, it was of course  inevitable that I would inherit the hairdressing gene and follow in my mother’s footsteps; who has been a hairdresser for many years and operates a salon from our home.
This gave me the hunger to learn more about the industry, where I then joined a handful of top London salons to base myself and develop my skills further. After a few years working at a high level within the fashion hubs of the city, I discovered a huge demand for turning dark, Asian/Middle-Eastern hair into ashy blonder looks and have been perfecting this skill ever since.

Being only 22 years old means I have had to work incredibly hard to keep up with my competition who have a few more years on me. I personally see my age as a positive as do my clients.


The Art of Lifting Darker Hair


Troy: A common complaint when lifting darker hair is either the hair does not lift as light as the client would like, or when it does lift lighter, the hair becomes very warm and orange. Handpicking all my favourite colour products and not needing to stick to one rule set, I am able to use more experimental techniques and materials to think outside the box to create the desired ashy looks.  99% of my client base have thick, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern hair so I have had plenty of practice and truly mastered this art.

The Brunette Balayage


Troy: An unsolved problem for brunettes everywhere. No longer do my clients want to be stuck with the same block brown colour, neither do they want to put up with failed attempts at lifting the shade of their hair after hours spent in the salon. I have dedicated a huge amount of time to preventing the above from ever happening again. My clients are able to find inspiration from blondes on the catwalk and stars on the red carpet. With a lot of time and commitment, they are able to walk out of the salon with the hair they have always dreamed of.



Photo: Courtesy of Salon64

The Impact of Social Media


Troy: Being a millennial, I have grown up using the internet and social media nearly my whole life. This has given me the upper hand against my competitors and this is my main way of gaining new business. Instagram is a digital portfolio where clients are able to see real life before’s and after’s of my work, ask me any questions and I am able to offer a higher level of service before they have even entered the salon.
I am constantly looking for ways to push my Instagram page further and innovate to set me apart from others offering a similar service. It’s a chance to showcase me and myself as a brand and take my social media extremely seriously.


The Salon64 Experience


Troy: Being a young, up-and-coming colourist I want to surround myself with likeminded people. Salon64 was therefore a no-brainer. Founded by a 26 year old with values similar to my own, as well as being a brand constantly pushing boundaries, there is a huge amount of synergy between the work of Salon64 and the service I  offer. Being based in Soho London, I am surrounded with creativity everywhere I look and in turn have built an incredible local London client base.


The Future & Aspirations


Troy: Having started this journey just wanting to create incredible hair, opportunities approached me that have led me down the path I am following today. I believe I will continue to push boundaries of brunette balayage, while more and more opportunities present themselves. Over the next 5 years, I want to build my reputation as the ‘go-to’ guy for all things colour, grow within SALON64 and discover new ways to innovate and set trends.


The Insider Tip for Aspiring Colourists


Troy: At Salon64, we constantly want to improve and say “do everything better” – Don’t stop at good! There is always a way to improve something specially with hairdressing. I managed to succeed where others have not purely by looking at the hair in a slightly different way.



Photo: Courtesy of Salon64

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