ZOQ: The Interview


It’s always exciting for us to discover talented individuals who are carving a name for themselves in the field of art and design. One such accomplished individual is Chandi Haq of ZOQ Art & Design. Curating an online gallery across continents and creating unparalleled interior space, Chandi is a design maestro like no other. Creating a place for herself in the Dubai art scene, we sat down with Chandi to discuss her journey, all things interior and her insider tips for entrepreneurs.



Photo: Courtesy of ZOQ

Photo: Courtesy of ZOQ


The Merging of Art & Interiors


Chandi: I find Art curation and Interior Design compliment each other and very similar in terms of function. Both follow the same path to completion,
We conceptualise
We research
We execute
We must train our eye to find the right product from a very diverse market for both Art and Design.


The Ethos of ZOQ


Chandi: I think the ethos hasn’t changed, it has evolved over the years to include some aspects. We have taken a more conscious approach towards sustainability and education. We continue to stand by our strong foundation of education, experience and refined aesthetics that Zoq was built on, to provide our clients with inspired designs and invaluable experience.


A Usual Day in Team ZOQ’s Life


Chandi: A day in my professional life is anything but usual. Each day brings its own challenges and the beauty lies in tackling those challenges to create beautiful spaces. We liaise with multiple contractors and manufacturers to create our designs and we have to strike balance between all parties involved for smooth completion.
On a good day it’s all designing, mood boards, colour stories, while on another day it could all be about handling logistical delays, managing product sourcing, finding alternatives for discontinued item or responding to clients concerns.


The Sustainable Factor


Chandi: It has always been important but like I mentioned earlier, it is now a more conscious effort to educate our clients and guide them towards more sustainable solutions for design. Technically being a middle man between consumers and manufacturers sometimes it becomes very challenging but the responsibility lies on each one of us to help the environment.


The Future of The Art World


Chandi: Art will continue to branch into new forms and continue to integrate new technology. From pre-historic times Art has evolved and will continue to do so keeping up with changing tides of time.


Photo: Courtesy of ZOQ

Photo: Courtesy of ZOQ



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