Reflecting on beginnings, the memory of crafting one’s first piece of jewelry is akin to a cherished treasure. Whether it was a dainty necklace or a bold statement ring, that inaugural creation holds a special place in the heart of every designer, serving as a testament to their journey of artistic exploration.

In the realm of intricate details, the debate between engraving and filigree rages on, each offering its own allure and charm, captivating designers with their delicate intricacies, Baguette is one such brand which strives for a pursuit of excellence.

Read our Q&A with the founder of the brand.

The first piece of jewelry you ever made: what was it?

It was actually a collaboration between myself and my mother, our cousin was getting married and we couldn’t find anything in the market that would suit the style we wanted so we decided to design a high end jewelry set using diamonds and emeralds.

Inspirational music or serene silence while you work?

Inspirational music for sure, I don’t think I can be able to work in silence.

Gemstone cut: round, emerald, or marquise?


Your dream collaboration, living or historical figure, who would it be?

Living would be Zendeya or Emily Blunt or Lilly Collins.

Historical would be Jane Austen.

Engraving or filigree: which intricate detail do you prefer?

Filigree feels much more polished and intentional.

If your jewelry were a destination, where would it be?

This is tricky because my jewelry is very fantasy based and the closest I think that captures fantasy is either new Zealand or Ireland.

The heritage collection is definitely the UAE.

A jewelry-making technique you’re currently excited about mastering?

3D Drawing and experimentation with unique stone cuts and gemstones.

The most exotic place you’ve drawn inspiration from?

Would Lord of the Rings count as exotic haha?

Personalized or ready-to-wear pieces: which do you enjoy creating more?

Ready to wear because I create collections based on the stories that go around in my head and create jewelry based on that.

Your signature design element or motif?

I do authenticate each piece with an amethyst stone at the back or the color purple / lavender is our signature.

A must-have accessory other than jewelry for your ideal outfit?


The best jewelry tip you’ve ever received or given?

I think one shouldn’t sell jewelry, especially pieces that they have had for a long time. Preserve it in your collection and hand it down as heirloom pieces.

One word to describe the feeling you want your wearers to experience.


Inner strength


Future trends in jewelry design that excite you the most?

More color and more whimsical designs.

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