At TRYYST, the art of designing earrings transcends mere task; it embodies an exhilarating challenge steeped in unscripted, unapologetic luxury, with each piece serving as a narrative unto itself. Drawing inspiration from silence, TRYYST’s creations are infused with a soulful connection, resulting in designs that are deeply introspective and detailed. With a penchant for the elegant emerald cut, the brand skillfully merges classical elegance with contemporary sensibilities, creating pieces that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity.

Q: Earrings or bracelets: which is more fun to design?

A: Earrings, undoubtedly. I see a thrilling challenge in designing earrings that embody our brand’s ethos of unscripted, unapologetic luxury, each piece narrating a unique story.

Q: The first piece of jewelry you ever made: what was it?

A: It was a pair of earrings. You see why I enjoy designing earrings, right? 

Q: Inspirational music or serene silence while you work?

A: Serene silence is my sanctuary. It allows the creative process to be deeply introspective, reflecting the soulful connection I aim to infuse in each piece of jewelry.

Q: Gemstone cut: round, emerald, or marquise?

A: The emerald cut is my preference. Its clean lines and symmetrical facets beautifully capture the elegance of classics and contemporary design philosophy alike.

Q: Your dream collaboration, living or historical figure, who would it be?

A: For me, it’s the late Princess Diana. Her elegant expression would align seamlessly with our jewelry’s ethos of empowering and emboldening the wearer.

Q: Engraving or filigree: which intricate detail do you prefer?

A: Both have their place in TRYYST’s collections. The choice depends on the wearer’s story and the emotions we wish to capture within the jewelry’s design.

Q: If your jewelry were a destination, where would it be?

A: South Africa. Its untamed beauty, boldness, and unscripted charm mirror the spirit of our jewelry pieces.

Q: A jewelry-making technique you’re currently excited about mastering?

A: I’m particularly excited about mastering the intricate art of micro-pavé setting, a technique that allows for the creation of exceptionally delicate and detailed jewelry pieces.

Q: The most exotic place you’ve drawn inspiration from?

A: Again, South Africa. Its wild beauty and vibrant energy deeply influence my designs something you would see reflected in our Tranquil and Terra collections.

Q: Personalized or ready-to-wear pieces: which do you enjoy creating more?

A: Personalized Pieces. It’s about creating pieces that deeply resonates with the wearer’s individuality. The expression of being you!

Q: Your signature design element or motif?

A: I’d say the world is my canvas. So, my signature motif is the interplay of world’s diverse elements and luxury. I love incorporating elements that reflect the beauty and complexity of the natural realm, merged seamlessly with a touch of opulence.

Q: A must-have accessory other than jewelry for your ideal outfit?

A: Wear it with a smile. You always inspire with a smile. It’s the perfect complement to any piece of TRYYST jewelry. 

Q: The best jewelry tip you’ve ever received or given?

A: One profound piece of advice that has always guided me is to remember that jewelry is not just an accessory, but an extension of oneself. It’s essential to choose pieces that not only enhance your appearance but also resonate with your inner self.

Q: One word to describe the feeling you want your wearers to experience.

A: Confidence to be yourself. Each piece is designed to empower and embolden its wearer, embodying the essence of inner strength and beauty.

Q: Future trends in jewelry design that excite you the most?

A: I foresee a resurgence of vintage-inspired and Art Deco designs, along with the rise in personalized and customizable jewelry; and this excites me as it perfectly aligns with Tryyst’s innovative spirit.

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