At Jewelyara, the designer hold the belief that jewelry transcends mere adornment; rather, it serves as a mirror of one’s personal style and distinctiveness. Delve into Jewelyara’s realm where elegance converges with modern allure, each creation narrating its own exceptional tale.

Gold or Silver?

Both gold and silver have their allure, but personally I prefer gold. It often symbolizes wealth and luxury, and can represent elegance and modernity.

The most challenging piece you’ve ever designed?

Fatima bangle – This piece merges heritage and modernism in an age of fashion and style. It is challenging because this piece echoes her spirit, combining grace and strength in a delicate dance. It is crafted not just in gold and gems but in memories and stories.

In your opinion, what’s the most underrated gemstone to work with?

One gemstone that often doesn’t get as much attention as others but has its own unique beauty is moonstone. It’s ethereal glow and subtle play of color can add a mysterious and enchanting quality to jewelry designs. It is a versatile gemstone that can complement both contemporary and vintage styles.

Big, bold statement pieces or delicate, everyday jewelry?

Both have their appeal! Big, bold statement pieces allow for creative expression on a grand scale, making a dramatic impact. On the other hand, delicate, everyday jewelry requires precision and attention to detail, often with a focus on wearability and subtlety. Each offers its own set of challenges and rewards, and the variety keeps things interesting.

Are there any historical jewelry eras that particularly inspire your work?

Absolutely! Historical jewelry eras offer a treasure trove of inspiration. From the intricate designs of the Art Nouveau period to the geometric shapes of Art Deco, each era brings its own aesthetic and craftsmanship to the table. The Renaissance period, with its ornate motifs and rich symbolism, and the Victorian era, known for its sentimental and symbolic jewelry, are also sources of inspiration for many designers. These historical styles often serve as a foundation upon which modern interpretations and innovations can be built.

One jewelry piece from your collection you never leave home without?

if I were to choose one piece metaphorically, it would be a timeless pendant (The Giving). It is versatile enough to complement any outfit, adding a touch of elegance and personality wherever I go. It is a subtle yet meaningful accessory that can be worn every day without feeling overdone.

If your jewelry could tell a story, what would it say?

My jewelry would tell stories of elegance, individuality and timeless beauty. Each piece would whisper tales of the hands that crafted it, the inspiration behind its design and the moments it shared with its wearer. From the sparkle of a diamond symbolizing love and commitment to the shimmer of a pearl embodying purity and wisdom, every gem would carry its own narrative.

A gemstone color that you can’t resist using in your designs?

I find it hard to resist using the mesmerizing hues of deep blue sapphires in my designs. Their rich, velvety color adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any piece, making it instantly captivating and timeless. Whether set as the focal point or accentuating other gemstones, blue sapphires have a timeless allure that’s hard to resist.

Your favorite place to sketch new jewelry ideas?

My favorite place to sketch new ideas might be a serene garden or a cozy café with an inspiring ambiance. These environments offer a blend of natural beauty and human creativity, sparking imagination and facilitating the flow of ideas. The tranquil atmosphere allows for focused concentration, enabling me to translate my vision into tangible designs with ease.

A favorite jewelry memory from your childhood?

My favorite jewelry memory from childhood might involve receiving a meaningful piece as a gift from a loved one. Whether it’s a delicate bracelet passed down through generations or a colorful pendant chosen specially for a birthday, the sentiment behind the jewelry and the joy of wearing it would create lasting memories of love and connection.

Describe your creative process in three words.

Imagine, sketch and refine.

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