Moelry Jewelry

At Moelry Jewelry, each piece of jewellery tells a unique story, blending timeless elegance with modern innovation. With a passion for crafting earrings that accentuate the ear’s beauty, Moelry embraces the transformative power of jewelry. Drawing inspiration from music and the enchanting allure of gemstone cuts, they celebrate individuality in every design. 

Transporting wearers to the magical realm of the Northern Lights, Moelry Jewelry embodies elegance and uniqueness. With a focus on mastering new techniques like diamond cutting, their creations forge a meaningful connection between the wearer and the jewellery itself, epitomizing modern luxury with a touch of simplicity. As they look to the future, Moelry Jewelry embraces timeless designs and personalized storytelling, continuing to illuminate the world of fine jewelry with elegance and sophistication.

Earrings or bracelets: which is more fun to design? 

For me, earrings are more enjoyable to design because they are the first jewelry piece people notice when they look at someone. I find it fun to design different sizes and placements on the ear.

The first piece of jewelry you ever made: what was it? 

An engagement ring.

Inspirational music or serene silence while you work? 


Gemstone cut: round, emerald, or marquise? It’s hard to say. 

Every cut has its own uniqueness. As a designer, I like to try different styles. Round cut can be used in any size and in many different settings. On the other hand, Emerald and marquise have their charms in bigger sizes.

Your dream collaboration, living or historical figure, who would it be? 

My dream collaboration would be with Coco Chanel, the iconic fashion designer who revolutionized the industry with her timeless elegance and innovative approach.

Engraving or filigree: which intricate detail do you prefer? 

Each type has its distinctiveness and significance. Engraving, especially, is important for personalizing and preserving memories, capturing dates, names, and events on jewelry. On the other hand, filigree is one of the most important forms that adds artistic beauty, especially in the gallery under the solitaires in double rings.

If your jewelry were a destination, where would it be? 

It would be the magical realm of the Northern Lights, where sunlight reveals its magic differently in the North. My jewelry captures the essence of individuality and uniqueness, akin to the captivating dance of colours across the night sky.

A jewelry-making technique you’re currently excited about mastering? 

Diamond cutting.

The most exotic place you’ve drawn inspiration from? 

At the King Abdullah Stadium, I designed a circular ring surrounded by golden triangles encrusted with diamonds. At the heart of the ring rests a round green tourmaline stone to reflect the iconic stadium pitch. The golden triangles, adorned with diamonds, represent the audience on the sides of the tourmaline.

Personalized or ready-to-wear pieces: which do you enjoy creating more? 

Ready-to-wear pieces that feel personalized.

Your signature design element or motif? 

My signature designs blend modern luxury with simplicity, crafting unique pieces that carry their own meaningful stories: creating a profound connection between the wearer and the jewelry.

A must-have accessory other than jewelry for your ideal outfit? 

A leather bag.

The best jewelry tip you’ve ever received or given? 

One of the most valuable jewelry tips I’ve ever received, and also often shared with others, is the importance of investing in timeless pieces that transcend fleeting trends. Opting for classic designs and high-quality materials ensures longevity and versatility in your jewelry collection, allowing you to effortlessly elevate any ensemble with enduring elegance and sophistication.

One word to describe the feeling you want your wearers to experience. 


Future trends in jewelry design that excite you the most? 

Timeless pieces with a modern twist, and the emphasis on unique and personalized jewelry that tells a story or carries.

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