Khayal Jewelry

In the world of jewelry design, every piece holds a story, and every creation is an expression of the artist’s imagination. 

With a penchant for the round gemstone cut, a nod to their illustrious Muse collection, Khayal Jewelry infuses each piece with a touch of magic, transporting wearers to a whimsical land far away. From intricate filigree detailing to the exploration of new techniques, their dedication to mastery shines through in every creation.

Join us as we embark on a journey of creativity, imagination, and self-discovery with Khayal Jewelry – where dreams are transformed into wearable art, one exquisite piece at a time.

Q: Earrings or bracelets: which is more fun to design?

A: Earrings for sure!

Q: The first piece of jewelry you ever made: what was it?

A: The Muse pendant

Q: Inspirational music or serene silence while you work?

A: Music helps us focus and we like to draw inspiration from other forms of art such as painting and drawings.

Q: Gemstone cut: Round, Emerald or Marquise?

A: Round cut, because it was used for our first collection the Muse Collection as the center stone for the pendant.

Q: Your dream collaboration, living or historical figure, who would it be?

A: Vincent Van Gogh since he is our favourite artist.

Q: Engraving or filigree: which intricate detail do you prefer?

A: Filigree, you can push the limits of gold and come up with very beautiful designs.

Q: If your jewelry were a destination, where would it be?

A: A land far away, it’s magical and whimsical, almost like a fairytale.

Q: A jewelry-making technique you’re currently excited about mastering?

A: We are working on more intricate designs and collections. 

Q: The most exotic place you’ve drawn inspiration from?

A: Mainly imagination. 

Q: Personalized or ready-to-wear pieces: which do you enjoy creating more?

A: Ready-to-wear but although it’s ready to wear but we love seeing how customers make it their own. 

Q: What is your signature design element or motif?

A: The Muse motif, the debut collection for Khayal will always be our favorite.

Q: A must-have accessory other than jewelry for your ideal outfit?

A: A perfect handbag to complete the look.

Q: The best jewelry tip you’ve ever received or given?

A: Imagine, design, bring it to life and watch it grow.

Q: One word to describe the feeling you want your wearers to experience.

A: Be your own muse.

Q: Future trends in jewelry design that excite you the most?

A: Colorful gemstones and enamel work and motion and movement within a jewelry piece.

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