Maison H Jewels

Step into the enchanting world of Maison H, where the artistry of jewellery takes center stage, guided by the visionary hands of creator Fatima. Her exquisite designs, adorned with sparkling gems, have become synonymous with sophistication and grace, captivating the hearts of connoisseurs globally. Maison H’s creations are not merely accessories; they are radiant expressions of individuality, each piece crafted with meticulous detail and a passion for translating emotions into wearable treasures. Join us in exploring the captivating universe of Maison H, where Fatima’s artistry transcends borders, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage of fine jewellery.

Q: Gold or silver: which metal speaks to you more?

A: The heaviest of all, Gold, best known for its Noble trait! 

Q: The most challenging piece you’ve ever designed: can you describe it?

A: The 3rd generation of the Maison insisted on taking a twist to monetizing fashion, hence the pigmented gold division was born. This, from our manufacturing arm, came with many challenges that we gracefully overcame. Explore the beauties of pigments that we have managed to successfully create in dome signets, stackable rings and the iconic Cubans.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the most underrated gemstone to work with?

A: Jadeite… this being the most valuable variety out of the Jade family. 

Q: If your jewelry was a movie character, who would it be and why?

A: Without a doubt Grace Kelly. “Gracious Gracy” Let’s leave it at her charisma and graciousness. 

Q: Big, bold statement pieces or delicate, everyday jewelry: which do you enjoy creating more?

A: By far… Big Bold Statement pieces… My late Dad always said to me: ”You can NEVER be overdressed.”

Q: Are there any historical jewelry eras that particularly inspire your work? 

A: My OneOfOne takes its angle from 1920’s Art Deco. 

Q: One jewelry piece from your collection you never leave home without?

A: My pear shaped ear studs. 

Q: Vintage or modern jewelry: which style do you prefer wearing?

A: Modern personally.

Q: If your jewelry could tell a story, what would it say?

A: Every piece I create has a story to tell! Nothing is created without substance and inspiration, most of which is contributed from my love of art and most importantly the art in nature! 

Q: A gemstone color that you can’t resist using in your designs?

A: Emeralds (Green) are one of my best friends… 

Q: One jewelry designer, past or present, whom you greatly admire?

A: In current it’s definitely Victoire De Castellane. I was privileged to spend personal time with her in a special commission. An absolute flair of creativity! 

Q: Your favorite place to sketch new jewelry ideas?

A: Any Green Garden… the Tuileries being on the top of that list. 

Q: The jewelry-making tool you can’t do without.

A: My prong pusher… for precision and accuracy. 

Q:A favorite jewelry memory from your childhood?

A: An Oval solitaire ring gifted to me by my late Dad for my 16th birthday! 

Q: Describe your creative process in three words.

A: Inspire, design and then create…

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