Nour By Jahan’s Designs Are Everything And So Much More

Nour by Jahan is part of the dynasty of one of Geneva’s most exclusive jewellery firms, called Jahan Jewellery.  The brand is thriving today, providing various clientele with unique and fascinating designs of jewellery. 

The founder’s drive and passion for the creation of intricate and delicate jewellery that literally satisfies the soul are what makes her brand so special. Coming out with her newest collection, Jolie, she aims to hone in on the paradox between simple and complicated. Simple things are, without a doubt, beautiful. 

Nour By Jahan
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Read our interview with Nour to see what she has to say about her brand and her vision for the future…

Amanqi: Introduce your brand in one sentence

Nour: Nour by Jahan, as the 8th generation from the Jahan dynasty, creates statement fine jewellery that unveils the beauty of gemstones and brings out your inner light to make you shine.

A: Which is your favourite piece you have ever designed?

N: The Nour bracelet is my favourite. The bracelet is in white gold centring multi-colour sapphires, set with pavé white diamonds all around. It is truly a statement piece: elegant, timeless and unique. 

A: What’s your favourite way to style the new Passion collection?

N: Our new Passion collection comes in pinkish rubies, red rubies and blue sapphires. It is a very glamorous and modern collection with vibrant gemstones. I believe as though each piece in the collection is a statement piece that really stands out and can be worn for any fashionable event or daily.

via @nourbyjahan

A: Tell us about your vision for the future of the brand. 

N: Launching new collections and worldwide Nour by Jahan stores as well as online portals. 

A: What is the most important thing you learnt in your journey which you did not know before you started?

N: I learnt that being able to put enough time into designing and creativity while supervising every aspect of the business is very challenging.

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